Cunda Island

Alibey Island (Cunda)’s connection to the mainland is provided by two different bridges. Strait positions in the Cabinet, which was built in 1964, Turkey’s first such bridge, combines Alibeyler and Tulip Isles. Lale Island is connected to the mainland in 1817 by a bridge which is 700 meters long by filling the sea. We wanted to create a place where you can feel yourself at home while enjoying this simple form of Cunda. Our stone walls and ceilings suitable for Greek architecture, fireplace, sea view and garden rooms, breakfast, decoration and all the details we prepared for you with great excitement and a thousand labor.

Cunda’s every day of the year to enjoy the small surprises, such as baths, saunas and boats, Cunda’s have added to the surprises. And we opened our doors to share our excitement with you.

We are waiting for you in Cunda Fora so you can enjoy our favorite Cunda every season.

Now is the time for you to discover why you love Cunda…

Çamlı Monastery / Taksiyarhis Ta Çamya: It can be reached in half an hour by following the road from the center of the island to the foot of the Ekşi Çeşme on the pedestrian path and Patriça road.

Monastery of the Virgin Mary / Panagias Tis Lekai: Ayvalık is a restored private property overlooking the Bosphorus with a view of the Bosphorus.

Ay Işığı Monastery / Ai Dimitri Ta Salina: It is a 45-minute walk from the 2nd village of Patrica.

Ayos Apostolos Monastery: When you cross the bridge on the way to the island, when you deviate to the coast road on the left 500 meters distance and right above

Chicken Island Monastery / Ayiu Ionnu Tu Podromu: It was built on Chicken Island opposite Alibey Island.

Pigeon Island Monastery / Ai Yorgi: It was built in the middle of Paterica Bay on a small island of andesite.

İlyas Peygamber Monastery / Profit Iliya: It is on the sea side 200 meters after the entrance of the bridge to the island; a small amount of basic remains remained.

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